Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Amy Winehouse. New illustration!!

Here's another recently completed illustration. It's a reworking of an older acrylic and ink painting I did a while back. I'm really enjoying the more 'hands on' approach to these and am loving getting my hands dirty again! I'm thinking of developing these into a series of British icons and showing them. Any ideas on who to include?


  1. How about one of the many celebrity british chefs? Many strong personalities amongst them and it'll give you the opportunity to produce a visceral illustration. How about it? Something to get your teeth into - no pun intended.


  2. Of course! Combine my my love of illustration with my love of food/celeb chefs! Just need to fit my love of self-help books in there somehow and I will be on to a winner!!!

    I reckon it might have to be Hugh Frenelley Whittingstall...